Carlos, Roberto and Sonia, three siblings with a common passion: jewelry.
Descended from a family with a long tradition in the art world, it is in 1948 when José Luis Fernández establishes his own business in a small jewelry workshop and founds what would later be the company Jolfer.

Madrid 2010
The three brothers decide to start a new project to make the dream that joins merges jewels with the people who wears them come true, bringing to life the CARBERONIA creations.
Carlos, creative, staring at the sky.
Roberto, practical and realistic, with his feet on the ground.
Sonia, a dreamer, gazing into infinity.

Different characters and ways of thinking give rise to a lively scenery of tension and reality that reinvents jewelry, in a very special way. In such a dynamic and changing world, even the most classical concepts should change. Carberonia’s style, sophisticated and elegant, possesses wonderful creations which combine all kinds of precious stones in different shapes and colors, achieving that their designs reflect the personality of she who wears them.

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